Iceland Day 7… Hólmavík to Flateyri (Westfjords)…

When we see life as a dream. We come to a point where we clearly see beyond it, where we see life beyond its’ extremities.

When we experience life, we move beyond life. When we experience its’ extremities, we move beyond its’ extremes and are thrown between them – into the middle.

6-1The farther we move to an extreme, the clearer view we have of the centre, our centre.

Good and bad are two extremes. Positivity and negativity are the two polarities of life. To be balanced is to walk the fine line between the two.

I find it interesting how everyone has their own idea of what is good, and what is bad. And they give their interpretation of reality to others (what is good and what is bad) based on their own experience. But to experience the unlimited, we must first move beyond our ‘limited’ experience.

But this is the human condition. There is nothing wrong with it, it is part of the play, part of the game. To unlearn something, first we must learn it – how can we unlearn something we have not yet learned?

…. They say to learn something new, go to a teacher; but if you want to unlearn something you have already learned, then go to a master ….

To unlearn something, techniques are needed. But to learn something all you need are beliefs, doctrines or even religion.

6-2To live without techniques is dangerous. It is a very slippery slope. I have seen people move beyond techniques, I have also seen people who have never known the value of a technique.

When people ask me how I move between the two extremes, between the two polarities of good and bad, positive and negative, what I have found is that it is ‘only’ awareness that has guided me.

… Awareness of consciousness uses techniques in itself!

When we become centred in awareness, we realize that there is no good, and there is no bad. There is only awareness.

When we are aware, what is good will automatically rise, and what is bad will automatically fall. There is no need for ideas of what is good and what is bad – there is no need for doctrines, beliefs or even religion. Awareness is consciousness – and to realize this, it must be experienced.

Whenever we have the choice between the known and the unknown, always choose the unknown. But this can only be done when we are centred in awareness, otherwise we will be making the same mistake over and over.

… But this is not for everyone, not everyone is ready

6-3Those who are ready will move wherever their consciousness will guide them. Those who are not ready will do the best they can in this life that they have, and if needed, will be given another chance in their next life.

It is a cosmic play. A play of consciousness. A beautiful play of energy.

If all life was to die in this universe, consciousness would remain. And it is consciousness that will find another form of life, to evolve into. Just as it has done with the life, we are currently familiar with.

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