Cuba Day 3… Callejon de Hamel…

FullSizeRenderYesterday morning after my first night in Havana, I decided to take my Lonely Planet and head downtown to see some sights…

I jumped in a old beat up Chevy, and headed to Parque Central where all the ‘on-off’ buses start their city tour…

While I was in the taxi, two journalists jumped in.  One from LA, the other from the local Cuban TV station.  They were here to cover Obama, who is arriving today…  We had a nice conversation about the excitement in the city, and what it means to the future of Cuba….

…. Exciting time for Cuba and the rest of the world 🙂

FullSizeRender_2So when I made it to the centre of the City I jumped on a ‘on-off’ bus… I was on the bus and the announcer told us that we would not be able to follow the regular tourist route, because half of the city is closed due to Obama’s arrival, and that we will have to end the tour at noon…

So after we dropped off where we started, I met a photographer from Italy, who suggested we go to the Callejon de Hamel….Where every Sunday Havana’s high temple of Afro-Cuban culture in Centro Habana come together to play the frenetic rumba music…

5-8In Lonely Planet’s words, “For aficionados, this is about as Raw and Hypnotic as it gets, with interlocking drum patterns and lengthy rhythmic chants powerful enough to summon up the spirit of the orishas (Santeria deities).”

… It was here I met locals and partied all night, (and all week) as they showed me Havana, with the eyes of a Cuban! 🙂





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