Cuba Day 2… Havana (Vedado)…

Yesterday afternoon I took a bus to Havana… Staying in Vedado… A business district and urban neighbourhood west of Old Havana

Spent last night at the house of a doctor…. A colonial Mansion… Just blocks away from the Consulates… Have another night tonight…

This city has more of a North American appeal than other parts of the city…2-2

My host was telling me stories about the Cuban revolution… I would tell him about how much I knew from the books I’ve read… And I was reminded how the victors write history… And how they twist it to suit their needs

He made sure I realized how the US has distorted Cuban history and how the media controls information and knowledge

… I already knew how difficult it is to believe the media

To see the truth of something we have to see it from it’s centre… We have to see it with clear eyes

The problem is that our eyes become distorted… Like dust on a mirror… If there is dust on the mirror, the mirror can only reflect whatever appears on it… The mirror will only reflect dust…

… To see see clearly we have to remove the dust, so the mirror will reflect all that is… In it’s reality…  We need to see life from all perspectives before we jump to conclusions on it

He told me that I misunderstood 2 main parts of the revolution, and to validate his position he added how his brother-in-law fought for Che in the Revolution

1) Che Grevaro was not the butcher the US led us to believe
2) Fidel did not send Che to Bolivia to get killed based on any animosity between the two

(If we even google this now, we are still told otherwise)… Media has no use but to brainwash

2-3Che was a deeply misunderstood man by people outside of Cuba… Within the country his face is everywhere – he’s a national hero

From what I’ve read about Che he is one person I would’ve liked to have met, just to have the opportunity to get into his head

Like Hitler, I would love to have had the chance to talk to him – he must’ve had so much going on to make him believe in what he did…

Che was disciplined and so humble… He was a stoic that endured hardship to follow his dream to change the world… There are so many stories about Che where he would lead by example… He was a man would lead from his heart… From his core

…. And he did

Che was not even Cuban… He was from Argentina… He loved to travel… A few books have been written on his travel adventures

In his early life he witnessed the negative effects of US capitalism in South America…. When he made his way up to Mexico that was where he met Fidel and learned of his interests to overthrow the US backed Battista regime, with the Cuban Revolution

From what he seen of the US on his travels, he joined Fidel…

2-4Che was an outsider… But he had so much passion in what he believed in, he was followed by a nation…

He is still a national icon

His last words before his death is still a reminder of the man and what he believed in…

This morning I took an early morning taxi to Parque Central… The first two people who jumped in my taxi were journalists, one from LA the other was from Cuba… They are here to cover the Obama story…. They were dropped off and the next person that jumped in the car was a journalist from Paris… Also here to write about what Obama has to stay

…. Everyone is so excited to witness history in the making, especially the youth of Cuba

The plan is to take an on-off bus to tour Havana… After that I have to wander into Old Havana, to find a place to sleep tomorrow night…

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