Cuba Day 1… Metanzas…

Landed in Cuba yesterday, spent the first night in Metanzas…. About 30kms south of Varadero, the resort capital

… Trying to stay as far away from the resorts, as possible lol 🙂

1-2When I was booking my flight to Cuba I had intended on landing in Havana… But the price was over $300 cheaper if I instead, landed at the Varadero airport… Just outside Metanzas 🙂

Thanks to resort happy tourists… They know how to keep the prices down lol 🙂

The name Metanzas means ‘massacre’ and refers to the slaughter of 30 Spaniards who in the early 1500s, tried to cross one its rivers to attack an aboriginal group…. In the early 1900s, Mantanzas was later known as ‘the Athens of Cuba’ for it’s writers and intellectuals living in the area…

Some have even related the city to Hemingway’s book ‘Old Man and the Sea’… Hemingway lived in Cuba when he wrote it (by the way one of my favourites – highly recommended read!) In a way it can sum up the cause for the revolution… And what happens when one can get caught up in his ego!

1-3… My first night was spent in Mandy’s home… A lovely and very friendly gentlemen who opens his house to visitors… He picked me up from the airport… I coincidentally met two lovely Canadians on my flight who are also staying at the same house (I love meeting Canadians when I travel… And apparently many times over, I’m not the only one lol) :))

Our host is a chemist and has his own pharmacy….

We had a nice chat about Obama’s visit this Monday… Apparently the presidents of Venezuela and Bolivia will also be in Havana…. Something landmark is about to happen

People in Cuba are sitting on the edge of their seat… They’re not sure what to expect after this meeting of world leaders

1-4Although Cubans were supportive of Castro in the beginning, they are seeing the world change so fast… And are realizing that this new world with increased technology, is not ‘conducive’ to communist rule….

For those that may not know, the revolution when it took over the island (in the 1950s) did not initially show any signs of communism

The people wanted change… But with change, anything can happen

From what I understand, socialism was the ideal in the beginning, but the problem is that it did not have any ‘foundation’ in this part of the world

At the time of the revolution, to avoid American Capitalism, it was only the Russians who came to the aid of Castro’s revolt… And with that they brought Communism into the island….

…. Tomorrow heading 100kms west to Havana… Gonna avoid the $100 cab ride many take to save time and hassle… Instead gonna take a taxi to the bus stop… To take a $7 bus ride into the city 🙂Should be interesting… Gonna find out what everyone is talking about 🙂

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