India Day 21… Bodh Gaya, where Buddha attained enlightenment…

Bodh Gaya….  In the northeast of India in the state of Bihar….

This is the ‘Bodhi Tree’ under which Buddha had attained enlightenment over 2500 years ago…

At the age of 29 Buddha left his family in Nepal… After trying many different teachers he ended up here, where with his ‘8 fold path’ he discovered ‘the middle way’ and attained enlightenment….

BG - 1He stayed here for a few weeks before he made is way to Varanasi….

I never really talked about this experience because my head was spinning so much over it…. Now that I’ve had time to ‘digest’ it I feel I’m ready to share it….

These last few months have presented ‘so much’ change in my life… I feel I may have been out of touch but I’m piecing it all together… And looking forward to an amazing summer reconnecting with old and new friends…🙂

This visit to feel Buddha was surrealBG - 2

I only had 3 days in Varanasi and I had to make it here…. It’s a 7 hour drive one way… And I was only able to visit it in a day lol

I had trouble at first but I was able to find someone who would drive me here and back in 24 hrs…. The state of Bihar is the poorest in India and I had so many warnings not to visit here…

BG - 3But after 14 hours of driving I got a few hours to immerse myself into the place….

I would definitely do it again… While I don’t like to visit places twice, this place is definitely an exception…..

I will be back for sure 🙂

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