India Day 22… Benares on the Ganges…

In my experience, one cannot be deeply aware of oneself without the awareness of breath. Our most basic need.

Yoga is the oldest ‘system’ known to man. I would like to hear if anyone knows of any other – especially one that is still as relevant as Yoga is today.

Yoga starts with the systemization of breath with body movement. It comes to a point where everything comes into harmony with everything….

Boat ride on the GangesAwareness of oneself requires awareness of ones essence – the air one breaths.

… But I only say this because of my experience with my own ‘breath-work’ and the awareness it is revealing to me 🙂

This is a pic I took in Benares late last year. I was on the Ganges when I met this Yogi.

I was on a boat riding down the river when I first noticed him just sitting there by the water. I knew he noticed me notice him. On the way back the boat ‘coincidentally’ broke down just next to him.

We started talking and he went on and on about the benefits of Yoga. He seen my interest and started doing all these poses for me 🙂

I have been motivated by Yoga for as long as I can remember, but it’s the little experiences like this that keeps the flame alive 🙂

A very memorable experience 🙂

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