India Day 1… Landed in Delhi…

It’s that time again – it couldn’t have come, any sooner 🙂

It’s been ‘exactly’ 20 years and 1 month, since the last time I stepped foot in this country… I was born in New Delhi, but raised in the west – India has always been, and will always be, a very ‘deep’ part of me…

I’m here to see this part of the world with eyes from the outside, and with a soul from the inside 🙂

…You know me, I won’t leave this place without going deep…. Get ready for some ‘depth’ 😀

The wheel of Dharma says the wheel is always moving, while the centre is stationary… And to see the centre, we must move our awareness to the periphery… Otherwise if we are in the centre without awareness, we might see something on the periphery that we are not ready for… Awareness makes us ready… So it is with awareness that let’s us accept life, as it is… Whatever is on the periphery, as it is…

The concept of ‘leela’ is inherent in the development of Indian Civilization…. Life is a play, life is drama… The two great epics ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Ramayana’ have always been central to Indian Culture…

It was just last year when the PM of India was talking about changing the name of India to ‘Bharat’…!

And even today you can see the impact of Bollywood…

… Life is a story… We are just actors

They say the day we die is known, how we die is known, even who is at our funeral is known – but we don’t know! We just keep going… We just play the part… The show will go on 🙂

Just look at the history of India… They have been invaded many, many times… From Alexander the Great, to the Aryans, to the Mughal Emperors, to even the British – but India is still here….!

… To the active eye, passiveness if overlooked

I am reminded by the words of Winston Churchill after the British colonized ‘Hindustan’ – he said, “India is a geographical term. It is no more a united nation than the equator.”

… The true nature of the mind is passive, it’s the ego that makes it active…

As an engineer I have this fascination with what makes things work, and I have this desire to connect the dots – especially with a straight line… Because like they say, the shortest distance between 2 points is in fact, a straight line… Just like the shortest distance between two ideas or thoughts, is also a straight line – it’s the same thing…:)

… Life is a process, we can take the long route, or we can take the short one 🙂 The process is there, the choice on how the process works, is ours…

Buddha said that thoughts move as a process – they move in a line… And once we’re aware of how they move, we become aware of the line in which they move in… Once that line is found, a gap is found in between the lines…

And this gap between the lines, is the same gap between thoughts – and it is this gap which leads to enlightenment… Because in the gap is no mind, or, there is mindfulness…

… On this trip I’ll spend a few days in Delhi, then I have 2 weeks in Nepal, I’ll return to the country to spend some ‘alone’ time in Varanasi – as if I don’t spend enuf time alone lol… It’s here where my path will lead me to some key places Buddha visited – one of them being the very spot he was enlightened

… This trip’ll be jam-packed… Too much to see in too little time… In fact, land transport will be out of the question… My schedule has been reduced to 12 flights, to get me where I need to go

When we move with the world, we can slow down ‘from’ it, or we can speed up ‘with’ it… It’s the undevelopment of the mind, which prevents this from happening…

… Our mind is not our enemy, it is our tool

I’ll be travelling extremely light and mobile… All I’ll have is my backpack for essentials, my D7000 for Everest, my yoga mat for some ‘spiritual practice’ in Varanasi, and a book to keep me company, as I travel this part of the world – “Autobiography of a yogi” 🙂

… Until the next update, my friends 🙂

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