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In my experience, one cannot be deeply aware of oneself without the awareness of breath. Our most basic need. Yoga is the oldest ‘system’ known to man. I would like to hear if anyone knows of any other – especially one that is still as relevant as Yoga is today. Yoga starts with the systemization of breath with body movement. It comes to a point where everything comes into harmony with everything……. Read More

Wow… What a CRAZY adventure! This last week has seen so much… I don’t know where to start… Except to say I’m alive 🙂 This experience is something I will never forget … There was no wi-fi above 3400m… But now I’m back in Kathmandu… And I just had my first shower in 9 days! Crazy! I only made it up to Tukla (elev 4700)… Last night was enuf… I couldn’t sleep… Read More

Arrived in Phakdin – elev 2800m… This is where the trek starts… From Lukla, it was a nice trek… it was about a few hours… It’s the easiest section of the whole trek… The nights are so cold… I’m finding electricity scarce in this country… … Last night in Kathmandu, I went to bed with my block heater on full… I woke up in the middle of the night shivering – turns… Read More

Made it to Kathmandu… There is something magical about the Himalayas… When I was on the plane, there was so much excitement when the mountain range came into view… I was lucky enough to get to sit on the right side of the plane lol… Got a nice shot of some peaks rising above the clouds 🙂 … After I landed, I was stranded at the airport for an hour… When I… Read More

Life is a miracle, if we have not known its mystery, that means we do not know the technique on how to approach it… In the evolution of consciousness it is in the human form which is the ultimate form – however it is not the end… Our consciousness has been travelling for thousands of lives… Once we make it to human, it is considered a miracle… The human is the ultimate… Read More

Just got back from a wedding reception – of ppl I’ve never met lol… If you’re Indian, you know what I mean… 🙂 Haha I met so many entrepreneurs with money… You know uncle… He keeps his crowd… 🙂 I had many discussions about the Indian economy… There is so much money being made here…. The ppl I spoke to were against PM Modi… This is the power that money has over… Read More

It’s that time again – it couldn’t have come, any sooner 🙂 It’s been ‘exactly’ 20 years and 1 month, since the last time I stepped foot in this country… I was born in New Delhi, but raised in the west – India has always been, and will always be, a very ‘deep’ part of me… I’m here to see this part of the world with eyes from the outside, and with… Read More