Spain Day 20… Last day… In Marbella…

Well, all good things come to an end.  The last week here in Spain was really relaxing, especially after my 10 day fast-paced itinerary in Morocco…

What I found during my time here in Spain is that, I prefer adventure…. The last thing that ‘turns me on’ is sitting on a beach while I watch my life pass me by…. But don’t get me wrong, it can have it’s advantages I guess 🙂


…. I spent the last day of my trip walking around the villa… Taking pictures of flowers…  I just so happen to love flowers…

imageThey say that a flower is a beautiful representation of balance…. Where too ‘much’ water and sunlight will kill a flower, just like too ‘little’ water and sunlight will also kill a flower…

The flower survives in a delicate balance of its nourishment… water and sunlight…

And so it is with life… that to move with life requires the ability to move in balance… while appreciating the moments around us…

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