Spain Day 11… Sevilla…

Spent 3 days in a charming part of Seville… In Santa Cruz…

It’s like a world away from Morocco.

bSeville is over 2000 years old. Many civilizations have passed through this place… giving it a distinct personality of its own…

Walking down the street and taking to people, it’s very easy to spot the passion, of its people. Whether it’s in the flamenco or in the people’s ‘taste’ for bullfighting… (I’m definitely against animal cruelty, but I’m actually reading Hemingway’s take on this in his book ‘Death in the Afternoon’… It’s important to see how this ‘art’ has deeply shaped the Spanish culture… Besides, it was the Spanish culture that discovered America… I’ll continue my thoughts on this, when I get to Ronda tomorrow… The place where bullfighting originated)

Today the city of Seville is the capital and largest city of Andalusia (an autonomous region along the south of Spain)

It’s a hotspot destination.

This was the birthplace of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. (Another book I just so happen to be reading is ‘Memoirs of Hadrian’… it’s a classic about him living his last thoughts on his death bed)…

Seville was a Roman city. It was renamed by Julius Caesar on 49BC…

cIt was under Roman rule until it was conquered by the Moors (Muslims from North Africa) in 712AD…

Then in 1247AD, it was retaken by the christian King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella…

… Empires are always falling while others are always rising. Looking back into history, we see this over, and over, and over again

It was then during the Spanish Inquisition in 1492AD, when Christopher Columbus sailed into the unknown. He was looking for India, but instead discovered the Americas….

After this discovery Seville became the economic centre of the Spanish Empire. This was due to the fact that Seville’s harbour was the only river port in Spain.

This was the ‘Golden Age of Development’… And it started in Seville.

… Life exists outside our comfort zone. Imagine if there was no New World to conquer… Imagine if Europe had nowhere to go… Imagine where it would be now…

All you have to do is look at the last two World Wars, and how the west was involved to stop it.

This discovery of the New World led to the largest shift of human population.

dThis shift gave room for the shift of development… Development of society. Development of culture. And the development of ideas.

Just today we see how the U.S. has legalized gay marriage.

I’m not gay, but who am I to tell others how to life their life?

This is development for me.

I find we try too hard to hang on to life. To the point where every moment of it is passing by us, without us even appreciating it. We try too hard to tell others how to live their lives, like somehow we are living our own.

Life is to be lived, not to be held onto.

People think that homosexuality will be an end to us. But the way I see it, if all life was to disappear in this universe, consciousness will remain. And it is through conscious that it will find new life for it to evolve into…

It had in the past, and it will in the future.

This is deep but it involves moving beyond our mind, beyond our ‘limited’ beliefs, beyond our ‘un- consciousness’.

This is where we wake up.

…. Many look to the west and see the surface. But when you look to the centre, you see freedom. This freedom on the surface leads to freedom within…

Passiveness can be easily overlooked.

It is through fear that we gain courage. And it is through courage that we enter love, that we enter compassion…

The difficult part is getting society to that level of awareness… This like everything, takes time.

Society is hard to change. But the more individuals change themselves, the more ‘effortlessly’ society has no choice but to change with it.

… Heading to Ronda tomorrow

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