Morocco Day 8… Ksar Ait Ben Haddou…

The ancient Berber city of 1000AD, ‘Ksar Ait Ben Haddou’…

This is the site where many Hollywood blockbusters were filmed… Game of Thrones, Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia to name only a few…

10473401_10153273017425020_4165628429357690469_nThe Berbers were the original native people of North Africa. They were a nomadic tribe that wandered / grazed to find food and water, they never accepted to be ruled by any power.

In 300AD the Romans built their first Roman city, Volubilis, as they tried to conquer North Africa. In 600AD the first king of the Berbers rose up to expel the Romans from the area. He was able to unite all the Berber tribes and created the first Berber Empire – he called it Mauritania. They ruled for 600 years. Their area ran across the whole of North Africa (from Morocco in the west, including Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and to Egypt in the east).

This was their city.

10349152_10153273017735020_3225638554220081512_nIt was in 1200AD when Islam spread through the area, and the Berbers who accepted Islam became to be known as the
Moors. It was the Spanish who gave them this name, when they were invading Spain to the north…

… Every developed society is overcome by an undeveloped society.

Either we move in, or we move out.

If we move out we conquer others, if we move in we conquer ourselves…

… Made it to Marrakech

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