Morocco Day 6… Sahara…

Being led into the desert… For a night in the Sahara…

I spent last night in the Sahara.. 30kms from the Algerian border… Just got to Dades Valley… Long drives make room for scenery, and gives time to put thoughts, into words…

Had a nice discussion last night under the stars.. About Sufism, the inner mystical dimension of Islam…

10173820_10153270126460020_3194098640003168763_nOne thing that really drives me is the thirst for meaning, the thirst for knowledge, and the thirst to touch the centre.. of the people I meet.

It seems not to be a conscious decision but simply a movement within me, that moves on its own. That attracts on its own.

It’s like light. Light can only illuminate objects in darkness. Light cannot illuminate itself. If there were no objects, there would be no light. As an example all you have to do is look into space, if there were no objects, there would be nothing for light to reflect, nothing for it to illuminate. Light is simply a

And so it is with consciousness – consciousness can only be aware of unconsciousness. Consciousness cannot be aware of itself… Consciousness is light.

It’s this movement of awareness that must prepare me for something. The only thing I can think of, is death… The ultimate unknown. The ultimate ‘un-comfort’ zone…

It is through darkness that light exists, that consciousness continues…

6287_10153270126260020_8787537669677207741_nI had some deep discussions with Muslims about Islam. I’ve learned about the five pillars, the story of the prophet Mohammed and the expectations/ requirements/ purpose, of Ramadan… At the same time I’ve ‘related’ to the depth of Sufism…

I’m fascinated by Sufism.

When Sufism changed to Islam, it’s like the ‘passivity’ of Sufism turned to the ‘activity’ of Islam.

Sufism is an inward journey, to your core, to your heart. Islam is an outward journey, to worship Allah, to adhere to the words of the Koran.

Passiveness goes in, activeness goes out.

Sufism is a feeling. You can call it a feeling of love, a feeling of acceptance, or a feeling to be one with this world. Sufism like Zen like Buddhism is a moving with the present. And so are Tantra and Yoga…

Zen and Sufism and Buddhism (based on my experience) are the experience of simply being. So are Tantra and Yoga, except Tantra and Yoga both give you techniques to simply get you there…

These are ‘passive’ approaches. They are for the movement inwards.

While the eastern approach is based on passivity, the western approach is based on activity – its polar opposite.

10460295_10153270126615020_8219896990644369164_nThe original western religion was Judaism (at least the one that survived thus far). From it, grew Christianity, and Islam.

In the west the golden rule is “do onto others, as you would have done onto yourself”. This involves action. This can easily be misunderstood because it involves us to move outside us, away from our centre, away from our core.

Say someone was raised in a rough environment, where survival was necessary, where he has become accustomed to aggression. Say he enjoys to fight.. If we apply the golden rule, he will do onto others (fight others) because he would do it onto himself (he would have accepted it, because this is the environment where he came from).

… Everything in life has two polar opposites.

In the east on the other hand, the rule is “do ‘not’ do onto others, as you would ‘not’ have done onto yourself”. This is a passive approach. This approach instead of moving you outside, takes you inside – to your centre, to your core.

It would be extremely difficult for someone to understand the passive approach, when all that is taken, all that is understood, is the active approach.

People that look to the outside, people that compare themselves to others, only see the surfaces. They miss the centre of others because they have not found the centre within themselves.

10845924_10153270126670020_1456587200555467340_nThis is where Sufism moved to Islam. From passive to active. From inward to outward.

To touch another’s centre we have to touch our own, first. It’s the passive approach that goes deep within us. It’s the passive approach that we take to our centre.

I’ve learned that people are attracted to people that display characteristics and abilities they greatly admire. The most admired ability is to be completely at peace with yourself. Mentally and physically relaxed with everything and everyone around.

To be at peace with yourself requires you to go deep within yourself.

To the active eye, this passive movement can be easily overlooked.

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