Morocco Day 1… Tourists escape reality when they travel, while travellers bring reality to the new places they visit…

People tell me they are jealous of me and wish they could experience new places like I have. I have tried to understand that… I am no different than anyone, except that I have changed my perception of my world around me… To sacrifice the superficial things that society seems to push onto us. Things that I feel are superficial.

For me to experience what I am, I have been thrown into experiences in the past that have brought me to the place where I am today. We are all a function of our past experiences to some degree…

I have only 3 passions in life. This is not for everyone but my experience… I try to eat well, I try to dress well and I try to enjoy new and exciting ‘moments’ in the world around me.

I believe the world is ours to discover.

All 3 of these things keep me out of my comfort zone. What I have learned is that when I am out of my comfort zone, I find I am able to look at life (around me, as well as within me) as an outsider, I am able to look at my life as a dreamer as a someone who finds solace (and comfort) in his own life… Ironic isn’t it, to stay out of your comfort zone to find comfort? It’s the paradox language has a hard time to describe. It allows me to be someone who is looking for answers to the deeper questions around us… And the deeper questions within us…

My travel experiences are mainly for me to document and come back to as I’m moving forward on this journey in life. They say that to know where we are going, we have to know where we are coming from. It’s all relative.

I’m sharing this with friends I’ve met along the way…. I read somewhere that the map is not the territory. And to go places where there is no map is extremely difficult. We all have maps based on our own different experiences. Sometimes one person’s map can be a guide for another person…

This life is really a beautiful experience, if we just are able to get to the source of it…

…. Ah the effects of jet lag!

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