Day 1… What better way to drop your ego, than to travel… Morocco / Spain 2015 begins….

1559818_10153256312660020_2452422757040474491_nEgo… A false identity that wants to survive… A false identity created by our experiences, created by our environment, created by our conditioning…

But how do we drop our ego?  We face it.  We take authority over it…

When we ‘take’ authority upon ourselves by facing our ego, we have no reason to ‘give’ unnecessary authority to others upon us…

Authority is earned, it is never given away; Authority is never given, it is taken – it is taken upon oneself 🙂

10411890_10153256312280020_8327579673949969011_nThis advice was given to me by someone who I consider wise with experience, it just took some time to settle in and for me to put it my words…

… Landed in the south of Spain… Made it to Tarifa to spend the night… Tomorrow plan to cross ‘The Strait of Gibraltar’ by mid-morning… Before this adventure begins, in North Africa


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