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Our night in a Parador… A room with a view… The most expensive room of the trip… This little town was ruled by the Celtics, then Romans, then Visigoths, then Arabs… and then finally Christians… Ronda is surrounded by the Sierra Mountains… which were once coral reefs, before they were lifted above water… by the African tectonic plates… This place is where modern bullfighting originated… People here agree on it’s cruelty, at… Read More

Spent 3 days in a charming part of Seville… In Santa Cruz… It’s like a world away from Morocco. Seville is over 2000 years old. Many civilizations have passed through this place… giving it a distinct personality of its own… Walking down the street and taking to people, it’s very easy to spot the passion, of its people. Whether it’s in the flamenco or in the people’s ‘taste’ for bullfighting… (I’m definitely… Read More

Just checked into a quaint little rooftop apartment… In the Jewish quarter… In the historical centre of Sevilla…Spent 3 days in Marrakech, the tourist capital… Then flew to Madrid… Then high speed rail to here…… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Marrakech is a modern city. It’s medina was built by the Berbers. While the Arabs built the medina in Fes… For the record, the word ‘Berber’ used to describe… Read More

Going through my Morocco pictures… I find it so interesting how a picture is worth a thousand words… A picture has the ability to capture a moment in time, it has the ability to capture a snapshot of a story, while telling a story…  This is different however with how the mind works… While a picture simply captures a single moment in time, the mind combines all these moments into a rolling… Read More

The ancient Berber city of 1000AD, ‘Ksar Ait Ben Haddou’… This is the site where many Hollywood blockbusters were filmed… Game of Thrones, Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia to name only a few… The Berbers were the original native people of North Africa. They were a nomadic tribe that wandered / grazed to find food and water, they never accepted to be ruled by any power. In 300AD the Romans built their… Read More

Being led into the desert… For a night in the Sahara… I spent last night in the Sahara.. 30kms from the Algerian border… Just got to Dades Valley… Long drives make room for scenery, and gives time to put thoughts, into words… Had a nice discussion last night under the stars.. About Sufism, the inner mystical dimension of Islam… One thing that really drives me is the thirst for meaning, the thirst… Read More

Shopping in Fes… Well I spent the whole day getting lost in the medina, and I did end up getting my Moroccan lamp… Left the medina with it, as well as with a traditional handmade Berber carpet…lol Didn’t plan on getting a rug, but my experience in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar came in handy… Haggling for carpets is such an experience. It’s like people really enjoy negotiating the price of a deal… It’s… Read More

The city of Fes… Morocco’s cultural and spiritual capital… Also called the Mecca of the West, or the Athens of Africa… It has the largest medina in the world, and it had the first university in the world. They say this medina has been unchanged for the last few centuries, and that this medina is the largest car-free urban area in the world… I almost got killed by a donkey going uphill….. Read More

Day 3… Morocco’s blue city, Chefchaouen… It was the Jewish settlers that migrated here from Spain in the early 1500’s that first painted this city blue… The blue tradition continued as it was later known that this colour is a good repellant, against the mosquitoes found here in the Rif mountains… They say that after the Spanish Inquisition in 1492, a large number of Jewish people migrated to the North of Morocco…. Read More

The best part of travelling is the random people you meet… And once you start talking to them it’s like you’ve known them your whole life… I was on the ferry to Tangier and this random gentleman walked up to me… Said he noticed me as I boarded… Said he felt a connection with me as he saw me interacting with some Brits… He said he approached me simply because of my… Read More

People tell me they are jealous of me and wish they could experience new places like I have. I have tried to understand that… I am no different than anyone, except that I have changed my perception of my world around me… To sacrifice the superficial things that society seems to push onto us. Things that I feel are superficial. For me to experience what I am, I have been thrown into… Read More

Ego… A false identity that wants to survive… A false identity created by our experiences, created by our environment, created by our conditioning… But how do we drop our ego?  We face it.  We take authority over it… When we ‘take’ authority upon ourselves by facing our ego, we have no reason to ‘give’ unnecessary authority to others upon us… Authority is earned, it is never given away; Authority is never given,… Read More