Monthly Archives: February 2014

It’s my last day in the Amazon… As I took the boat back to civilization to catch my flight home, I asked the guide to stop the boat… I told him, I couldn’t leave the Amazon without taking a jump in… He picked a spot away from the shore…  He said that the area would be free of Cayman, as they linger around the shore to avoid the heat from the afternoon… Read More

The one thing I will remember the most about this trip is the vibrancy of the children… Even though there are so many natural dangers in these jungle, the children are still enjoying themselves as they should – as children… Fear has a whole new meaning to these people… While in North America in civilzation, we fear the mundane… We fear the simplist of change… Whether it is taking a new route… Read More

Bird watching is so peaceful…  Watching birds live and move in their natural habit… Even hearing them sing is so beautiful… But has anyone wondered if a bird singing, notices the beauty of its song?  A bird can only know how beautiful it is, or its song, once it becomes aware of itself… But imagine birds becoming aware of themselves… Would they not lose their beauty?   This is the difference between… Read More

They say that man is between the animal and the divine… Where the animal is below man… And where the divine is above man… Man is simply but in the middle… The more ‘unconscious’ man becomes, the more he moves to the animal… While the more ‘conscious’ he becomes, the more he moves to the divine… Awareness is the movement…