Book Review: Book of Secrets

This book is beyond 5 stars….!

No book has changed my perception on life, than this.

I open this book whenever I need ‘inspiration’ to keep going…. With whatever life tries to throw at me.

This book is beyond words….!


Tantra is the ability to experience the depths of the mind, without the mind… Words are not needed, only the courage to become ‘more aware’ of one’s mind, is required… Only the courage to experiment with techniques is needed…

People can easily become opinionated personally, because of the difficulty that arises, when ‘words’ are used to describe something, that is ‘beyond’ words…

It’s all about being conscious of our consciousness, or you can say being aware of our awareness 🙂 As you can see words are difficult, because words simply become a play 🙂

This is why Osho does not use words, instead he uses ‘techniques’

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra means ‘techniques to move beyond consciousness’… And to experience consciousness, to become aware of consciousness, words cannot be used because consciousness can only exist in the present… while words can only exist with the mind – and the mind cannot exist in the present; the mind can only exist in the past and in the future…

So to use words is extremely difficult, because words relate to our individual experiences. And when our experiences are different (which of course they should be, because no two people can experience the same things), the message we use with our choice of words to describe it, is also different – this is how personal opinions are formed 🙂

So Osho only describes ‘techniques’. If the techniques are performed, the result ‘happens’ on its own… The result is simply a by-product… If we do the techniques regularly, an explosion happens, the result happens… An explosion of consciousness 🙂

It’s like a light bulb, current flows in one direction to light the light bulb. If the current is made to flow in the opposite direction – the light bulb explodes. So it is with our awareness.

We live in a society that demands us to take our awareness out of our body – to our periphery. But with these techniques, Osho shows us how to take our awareness into our body – to our centre.

Consciousness and the mind are like two parallel lines that never cross. One can only exist without the other. These techniques are used to slowly quiet the mind, so we can become aware of our consciousness.

This is Tantra… Osho provides an absolutely, incomparable ‘framework’ for how to approach Tantra…

Also I might add that Osho has ‘never’ written a book in his life, this book like the many hundred others, are simply him talking… His talks have been turned into discourses 🙂

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